The Good, The Bad, The Dumb - 04/29/2019

Apr 29, 01:56 PM


  • A man was beaten up outside a theater in #HongKong for shouting the plot to #Avengers: Endgame.
  • Speaking of #Endgame, the movie grossed over a $1.2 billion this weekend and for the most part, we as a society are not spoiling it for the rest of the masses.


  • Apparently there was a story of a massive herpes outbreak at #Coachella this year, over 1,100 people reported being infected so far, but it may not be true and I'm a little disappointed...does that make Ronn a bad of the day?


  • The arrest of a parrot...a parrot that authorities say was trained to alert it's drug dealing owners to the presence of police has been apprehended in #Brazil.