Thursday, May 2: Kaleigh Garris from New Haven is the new Miss Teen USA, and incredible artist Arcy talks Disney and art

May 02, 2019, 01:42 PM

If you call 911 trying to get tips on how to kill your boyfriend, That's All I Need To Know About You! (:00) Miss Teen USA is from Connecticut for the second time only, and her name is Kaleigh Garris! (3:15) Honda of Westport Couple's Court: Should they sell their house to her cousin? (6:48) Can Pepsi from Trumbull take down Raven again? (13:31) What should you do if you see a contractor peeing outside your house? (17:52) Hayden's Life Advice: They're getting picked on because they don't have a new phone! (29:19) Incredible street artist Arcy talks about how he got chosen to work for Disney (32:15) 

iStock / Getty Images Plus / Anna Bliokh