If You Love the Krebs Cycle with Dan Hernandez

Episode 64,   May 06, 2019, 08:00 AM

Week-old spoilers abound, Tess, Molly, and Emily are joined by Detective Pikachu writer Dan Hernandez to talk Pokemon, toxic nerd culture, and songs about cryptids. PLUS a Night Call about the afterlife. 

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Articles and media mentioned this episode:
 Film, Detective Pikachu
Film, The Last Samurai
TV Series, Game of Thrones, "The Long Night"
Film, Flesh + Blood
TV Series, Mad Men
Video Game, Super Smash Bros Melee
Forum, Something Awful
Anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion Film, Dick Tracy
Film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Comic, Dick Tracy Forever by Michael Avon Oeming
Steve the Tramp controversy
Film, Beetlejuice
Song, "Wooly Bully" by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
Song, "Purple People Eater" by Sheb Wooley
Song, "Any Major Dude Will Tell You" by Steely Dan
Book, Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods by Hal Johnson
Song, "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men
Song, "Louie Louie" by The Kingsmen

"Night Call" by 4aStables. Music used is "Cendres" by Kai Engel