Shelley Kaehr, PhD, May 05, 2019 - Past Life Lady, Evidence of Parallel Universes. What if?

May 07, 2019, 06:00 PM

Beyond Reality, Evidence of Parallel Universes. Preview the book on Amazon.

When I found Shelley Kaehr's book, I had no idea about her Past Life specialty. Doing the research prior to setting up an interview, I discovered she had an extensive background and - obviously - the timing was no coincidence.

Endorsement for her book Lifestream: "An important contribution to the field of regression therapy filled with fascinating case histories. I really enjoyed this book!" Brian Weiss, M.D., author of Many Lives, Many Masters 

I have past life memories and dreams that suggest parallel life encounters and other experiences that challenge what is considered 'normal' reality. For that matter, each and every day - my 'normal' is 'beyond reality'. By now, it's clear there are others who experience this stuff too.

We explore and discover. Shelley and I will talk more. #ConsciousLiving on

Past Life survey results on Shelley's blog

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