Season One Wrap-Up

May 09, 2019, 02:30 AM

Welcome to Unsubscribe – the podcast that aims to help you unsubscribe from the negative habits in your life, and resubscribe to healthier, happier modes of living.

Unsubscribe was built because we wanted to share the stories we wish we had heard when we were younger - real stories, from real, admirable women. We feel really strongly that these stories have had impact; not only for our lives, but for all of you to take away, and that their advice will serve as tools for you in life. 

From identity, to relationships, to cancer, we've covered it all! And we hope that it can provide you with fuel for support when you need it the most. We wanted to go through some of the episodes to recap on the points that we felt were most powerful. Have a listen, and see if you agree!

Unsubscribe is hosted by @JadaSezer, mental health and body positive activist, and @LouiseTroen, International VP Marketing & Communications for Bumble.

Unsubscribe is brought to you by @Bumble_UK, and powered by @4thFloorCreativeGroup.