Episode 124: Yvette Mayorga

May 09, 2019, 12:00 PM

In this episode we bring you another conversation with a badass chicana artist. This time Babelito chats with his Chicago fave, Yvette Mayorga, to talk about her rising career as a visual artist, her struggles as a Latinx artist and whether or not pozole granos belong in menudo. Yvette’s work seduces viewers through its sugar-rush aesthetic and femme impossibility. However, upon close inspection, Yvette aims to go beyond what the eye can see and calls out our complicity in the injustices she denounces in her work. Stay tuned till the end to hear some music recommendations from Babelito and a reminder that the podcast just turned 3 years! Felicidades chicos!!!! And as always make sure to send your questions to AskLWLPod@gmail.com and we might read them on a future episode. #podsincolor #supportbrownpodcasts #supportlatinxpodcasts #lwlpod #supportlatinxartists #supportbrownartists #supportlocalart