When with @RealDonaldTrump/@FCC stand up to @Google @Facebook @Twitter and protect #1A from these monopolies? #StopTheBias #FascistLeft

May 09, 2019, 05:01 PM

The fascist, communist Left is never charged with "Hate Speech." They aren't deplatformed, demonitized, banned, or suspended for their violent rhetoric, anti-semitic, anti-american, anti-christian statements. Leftist don't purge their own.  Leftist want to control speech, criminalize thought, and create propoganda, as all totalitarian regimes have done in the past.  Their propagandists are never labeled "extreme."  Facebook, Twitter and google have decided which speech is protected speech and which speech can be shared on their legally protected platforms.  Platforms aren't publishers, yet these tech monopolies are choosing which speech to publish by outright bans, suspensions, and algorithmic manipulation to label and suppress conservative messaging, language, and thought. 

A discussion must be had. Are tech monopolies platforms or publishers?

How with this interference impact the 2020 election? It does and it benefits the radical Left--the Democrat Party.