EPL & rest of the world roundup | Episode 38 | Season 18-19 | The table never lies but it's misleading and justice for the underpants

May 13, 10:34 PM

Stel, Yiannakis, Kojo and Eman delve into the major talking points of the weekend's Premier League games. 

On the agenda:

  • City were always going to beat Brighton
  • Mahrez makes up for his penalty miss at Anfield
  • Hughton sacked reaction
  • Mane the man
  • Liverpool the best team in the world?
  • Champions of Europe = Best club side in Europe?
  • More Man Utd misery
  • Chelsea's loanees won't make an impact
  • Pellegrini makes the difference
  • RVP bows out
  • Joaquin with a thunderbastard of his own

All this plus EUROTRASH!