That's So Cincinnati: Bunbury founder on The Banks concert venue quandary, pot and politics, new era begins

May 15, 2019, 04:44 PM

One of Greater Cincinnati's top leaders in events and entertainment is questioning whether a music venue at The Banks can be successful.

Bunbury Music Festival Bill Donabedian joined That's So Cincinnati podcast this week to offer his insight on the proposed dueling music venues on both sides of the Ohio River. 

Donabedian, former Fountain Square events director 3CDC, sold a majority stake in Bunbury to Columbus-based PromoWest in 2014.

In conjuction with Los Angeles-based AEG, PromoWest announced last week that its building an indoor-outdoor music venue in Newport. PromoWest, regarded as a top concert promoter in the entertainment industry, originally wanted to build the venue at The Banks.

But Banks and Hamilton County leaders chose the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra for The Banks project.

Did Donabedian play a role in PromoWest going to Newport? And will Bunbury move across the river in the coming years?

Find out on the latest That's So Cincinnati episode.

Plus, a new era in That's So Cincinnati begins as Enquirer City Hall reporter Sharon Coolidge joins political columnist Jason Williams as co-host of the region's best local news podcast.

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