EP 67: Intuitive Living - interview with Pandora Paloma

May 16, 03:30 PM

This week on the podcast Selina interviewed Pandora Paloma, Intuitive Living Coach, Founder of ROOTED LIVING and author of her brand new book ‘Intuitive Living: 6 weeks to self-love, intuitive eating & reclaiming your mind-body connection’

It is SUCH a good book. So beautifully written - smart, wise, loving, just like Pandora 😍 and with seriously powerful exercises inside.  

In this episode Selina and Pandora dive deep into the topic of intuitive living and eating, how to tap into your intuition (liking yourself is key), why self-love really IS at the heart of it all and why Pandora now chooses body neutrality over body love. 

To find out more about Pandora and her courses visit her website.

And you can buy a copy of her book over here.

X Selina & Vicki