Read On - Live at the Boswell Book Festival (2019)

May 17, 11:55 AM

A packed show recorded on location at the Boswell Book Festival 2019, with …

Eric Motley on his journey from Alabama to the White House via Scotland in 'Madison Park: A Place of Hope' (Starts at 1.34)

Susan Calman on her #calmanifesto of kindness, 'Sunny Side Up' (10.00)

Federico Varese on 'Mafia Life' (16.00)

Vivian French on writing, illustration and the Boswell Children's Festival (19.18)

Ben MacIntyre on 'The Spy and the Traitor' (23.00)

Kate Williams on sightloss in Tudor times and 'Rival Queens' (31.36)

Rowena Murray on writer George Mackay Brown and composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, both of whom inspired by Orkney (35.55)

Chris Brookmyre and Mark Billingham on crime writing and playing Glastonbury (42.27)

And a return to Eric Motley for the Books of his Life (52.00)

Presented by Robert Kirkwood - Red Szell will be back next week.