Pod 30 | Clean Sheets & Filthy Stats … Speroni, Statman and Robin.

May 17, 2019, 03:53 PM

The Official Palace Pod has landed bang on time for your journey home this evening or even your train ride to tomorrow's Beer Festival...

And this week's edition is a special double-header, featuring two indisputable club legends.

First up is Julian Speroni, who, before leaving the club, sat down and spoke at length with the Ben Mountain of the Palace programme to run through his career and 15 years with the club. You can hear his last lengthy interview in full in the pod as he discusses football as a child in Argentina, his greatest moments and a remarkable affinity with the Palace fanbase.

He's then followed by a truly bumper edition of Statman's usual slot, with the stat-proclaiming icon joined this week by Mr Daniel Blundell from the club's ticket office. Combined, the two manage to eke out 40 minutes worth of stats and facts along with Palace TV's Chris Grierson.