English & Tourism - Checking in

May 19, 2019, 10:19 AM

In this week's Premier Skills English Podcast, Jack and Rich start a new mini-series of podcasts called English & Tourism. For the next four podcasts, they will introduce lots of words and phrases (functional language) you need when you go on holiday and need to speak English. These podcasts will also be useful for people who work in places like hotels and restaurants and need to speak English with tourists.

The topic in this episode is checking in at a hotel and the language you need at hotel receptions. We will look at phrases you can use when things go well and phrases that can be very useful if you have a problem at reception. Your task is to describe a hotel you've stayed at. 

Don't forget to listen to the end of the podcast because we have a new football phrase for you to guess, too. Enjoy!

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