Episode 216: Game of Thrones' Fantasy Politics

May 20, 03:18 PM

Discussing the TV show (2011-2019) based on the books by George R.R. Martin.

What's the role of a mass-consumed fantasy series in today's society? Is it our "fantasy" to have all these horrible things happen to us? Is this an edifying prompt to engage in public moral thinking, or a spectacular distraction of the kind that those Marxist theorists keep warning us about?

We get into the function of fantasy and how a more "realistic" show plays with that, the extent to which we're supposed to identify with the characters, depiction of moral complexity, low art vs. high art, identity issues, and more. With guest Sabrina Weiss.

End song: "Fire and Blood" by Sacrifice Feat. Mark Lint; hear the interview on Nakedly Examined Music #24.

Keep an eye out for a Citizen-only spoiler-filled follow-up discussion between Mark and Wes to be released this week!

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