Anxiety, Part 1: Understanding Your Child's Emotions

May 21, 2019, 11:30 PM
We are all driven by emotions such as worry, stress and even anxiety. They help to drive us with the many tasks our lives face. As our lives get busier, it is likely these feelings will also increase. In this fast-paced busy world, it is possible that anxious feelings are becoming stronger and more problematic in our children. Children with an anxiety disorder can become disrupted in their schooling or avoid specific fear-provoking experiences. They can have more frequent meltdowns at home due to poor regulation of their emotions.

The fear becomes out of proportion with the activity whether it be going to school or even leaving the house. There are many different types of anxiety disorder. This podcast will outline how anxiety affects children, the different types of anxiety disorders and how they can be supported. I will explore simple strategies through to the more complex treatment options. 

Today we are talking to Maddison Pike, a child psychologist who specialises in anxiety. She offers some very practical approaches to this big topic. Further episodes will look at each of these types of anxiety in turn. 

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