The fastest podcast on three wheels

Episode 19,  May 24, 2019, 03:24 PM

This week is our pre-TT special as we look ahead to the next two weeks. Andy brings us a taste of the coverage you can look forward to and explains how you can get your hands on the the three issues of TT News, which is celebrating its Silver Jubilee. Jess mourns the passing of two members of the Purple Helmets and we discuss why we love the motorcycle display team who are always approaching 100mph.

Plus Sam looks ahead to the fantastic local food offerings that visitors and locals can look forward to during the festival before revealing his 1950s advertising voice as he takes us back to 1958 with This Week in History. There is no Katie this week as she is once again living the jet set lifestyle but we are joined by undergraduate student Gemma who is here on work experience.