EugCast Episode 4: Ty Connor

Aug 07, 2019, 08:34 PM

Ty Connor is a spoken-word performance artist who also plays piano and hosts a Disney sing-a-long. He has been seen "dropping his smile" downtown.

Ty Connor was a witty and clever guest of Adam Wendt at our studio inside Trifoia in Eugene, Oregon.

Ty Connor has lived in Eugene for over 32 years and has tended bar around Eugene for over 25 of those years: he has interacted with a large volume of Eugenians at their best and their worst, drinking at the bar! Ty regularly performs as a pianist at local establishments, periodically hosts a Disney sing-a-long, is a spoken-word performance artist (comedian/poet), and has been seen "dropping his smile" while walking on the streets downtown...

Some of his favorite members of the Legion of Eugene Super Non-Heroes (...they show up late when something bad happens and offer no help):

  • Whatever Man
  • That Must Suck For You Man
  • Bummer Dude
  • Sup Dawg (Bummer Dude's mascot)
  • Sorry Bro
  • Chill-Out Dude
  • You Dropped Your Smile Man

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