Print Maker & Illustrator - Kate Gibb

Season 1, Episode 37,   May 29, 2019, 06:00 AM

For episode 37, we visited the wonderful Printmaker & Illustrator, Kate Gibb in her studio in north London.

Kate discusses her creative journey, scraping into art school with a couple of charcoal drawings, through to having commercial success producing prints for the likes of Apple, Penguin and the Chemical Brothers.

She shares her creative silkscreen process - unorthodox! Favouring happy accidents, the desire to ensure no two images she produces are exactly the same and valuing traces of what has come before being enmeshed within the fabric of image-making.

Kate also discusses overcoming the challenge of giving too much emotional intensity to the success of a piece of work and often feeling exhausted and sometimes unhappy as a result. She stresses that caring a little less is vital to saving some creative energy to enjoy the final output.

Kate's work is so beautiful,  she has a way with shape, pattern and colour that burns into your retina leaving an indelible trace in your mind's eye.

If you would like to find out more about Kate and her work here:

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