To Real- s.rose*

Mar 25, 2012, 10:57 PM

fam i swear im to real for these bitches, an they to fake for your bro, now adays all they want is attention, you know the spot light of the show, but i don't need your opinions, this aint no romeo an Juliet, i kill the beat, call it death, bring it back, resorect, im on my grind show me respect, my motor loud, LIKE VROOM VROOM, WHOSS NEXT... matter afact...who the fuck is you, i dont know who, so why you talkin shit, you ever here the saying lose lips sink ships, if a clown snitch then he gos to see the doc, get a stich, im on that new girl every day status, steal your bitch, i told her hold that pose just like that, arch your back, ew girl bring it back, bring it back, she did what i wannt so you can have her back, now days dudes on that hip bullshit, swag and crap, y'all cracker jacks, closest word IM geting to swag is swager jack, sir orders just came threw the radio, full attack, SO now im getting teqnical, marial arts, automatic wepon flow, my family is who im reping for, untill its my turn to go, follow the light, my thoughts are dark, but you can call me bright, shits so nice, all i want you to here from me, so im calling it a night, knock out, ali vs mike.... #rose #srose #steven