Jill Furmanovsky and Paul Slattery with Mary McGuigan

May 29, 2019, 11:01 PM
Welcome back to the Oasis Podcast!

Things are slightly different today as it is a Mary McGuigan takeover!!! Hence no news or any JC related nonsense for a change you will be pleased to know. Short & sweet - just the interview. Normal service will be resumed shortly. 

As Mary discusses in the episode it is all about the exhibition There Is A Light That Never Goes Out that we are trying to keep in Manchester. They need to raise money - but this isn't just a fundraiser, this is a chance to get some amazing exclusive merch. Head here to find out more - https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/keep-there-is-a-light-that-never-goes-out-in-mcr   

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Today's guest host is Mary McGuigan @Mary_McGuigan and the guests are the legendary photographers Jill Furmanovsky & Paul Slattery   

0:00 Liam clip and Vision - Shine On
0:30 Mary intro 
1:00 The Smiths - Ask
1:16 Interview with Jill & Paul
3:18 Buzzcocks - Breakdown
8:58 Stone Roses - Love Spreads
12:41 Oasis - Slide Away (Live Wetlands NY 1994)
15:33 Oasis - Earls Court  (soundcheck audio 1995)
19:32 Oasis - I Am The Walrus (Live Nagoya 1994)
20:03 Clip for The Rhythm of Life - Noel talks Wonderwall with George Martin
24:59 Oasis - The Swamp Song (Maine Road 1996)
28:40 Oasis - Stay Young