Final Heart local farewells - 2019

Episode 1618,   May 31, 2019, 09:18 AM

Some more of the final regular local Heart breakfast shows.

As Global Radio continued to focus each of its national brands on a single programming stream where possible, Friday 31st May 2019 saw the final batch of local Heart breakfast shows across the UK say their farewells.  Some had waved goodbye the week before, with cover presenters for the final week of the localised frequencies.
Some of the hosts shifted to drive-time (and several drive presenters had their farewell shows that day too) – but for some breakfast presenters, this was the last day doing what they loved - and the station owners allowed them an on-air farewell. This time, the list included some of the most established presenters – with Ed James having been on air in the West Midlands for well over a decade; the legendary Martin Day in Essex after 25 years on-air on the frequencies; and Jagger and Woody (Heart Wales). Enjoy here a few snippets.
The London breakfast show goes nationwide with Jamie Theakston and newly appointed Amanda Holden on June 3rd 2019. The Heart network audience share at breakfast across the UK (without pan UK FM coverage) is currently equal to Radio 1 - and third to Radio 2 and 4.