Episode 5,  Jun 06, 2019, 10:00 AM

Autie Talk is monthly podcast about autism spectrum disorders hosted by Louise Croombs who is an autistic mum with autistic children. Louise is a radio presenter, creative therapist and clinical supervisor.

Each episode there is an interview with someone on the autistic spectrum and regular features such as Autie Rant, Mum's Club and expert opinion.

Episode 5

This episode continues with Steve from episode 4 who got diagnosed in his 60s, he talks about difficulties with friends, how autism helps him with his job and what help he wants now he knows he is autistic.

Autie Rant is Louise getting upset trying to get out of the door.

Andy joins Louise with in a new feature called Mum's Club for parents of autistic children.

Ged, an Autism Specialist Nurse, is back to talk about reasonable adjustments in the workplace and what help there is for adults after diagnosis.