Tom Dongo, June 02, 2019 - Paranormal/ET/UFO - Sedona

Jun 04, 03:36 PM

Highlights from the Bradshaw Ranch. Tom Dongo and the paranormal wonders of Sedona, Arizona.

Paranormal Researcher Tom Dongo has had some extraordinary encounters.

"Recognized as one of America's leading authorities as a Paranormal, UFO, ET Researcher, remote viewer and over the course of many years been a key lecturer at numerous U.S national, and international, conferences including the International UFO Congress."

Tom's Bio.

From the summary of Merging Dimensions: "To the best of my human ability I will share in exact detail all types of incidents that I have, to this point, experienced in relation to this fascinating area. These, I believe, are indicative of many things to come."
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