Episode from Jun 6, 2019

Jun 07, 02:28 AM
Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads"
Central Union Singing Convention, Santuck, Alabama - "Let Jesus Lead You" [Recorded by Steve Grauberger]
Fabulous Doylette Singers - "Serve The Lord"
Jubilee Hummingbirds - "Lead Me Jesus Everyday"
Rhythmical Wright Singers - "Can't Forget What You Done For Me"
Southern Wonders Quartet - "Shady Green Pastures"
Elder J. Ward and the Gospel Four - "A Change Is Gonna Come"
Perry Tillis and the Congregation of the Savior Lord Jesus Holiness Pentecostal Church - "Some Sweet Day / One Of These Mornings" [Recorded by Steve Grauberger]
Dixie Aires - "Jesus Will Fix It"
Wiregrass 7 Seven Shape Convention - "Prayer / Go To That Land" [Recorded by Steve Grauberger]
D.C. Aires - "Prayer"
Traveling Stars - "I Won't Be Back"
Wright Singers - "Won't Let Go Your Hand" - Up Hill Journey
Evangelist Maria Scott - "If You Want The Holy Ghost" - I've Got A God That Is Real
Big Johnson and the Johnson Singers - "Jesus Is The Best Thing That Happened To Me"
Rising Stars of Macon, Miss. - "Shout for Jesus" http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/86315