Episode 1,   Jun 07, 2019, 07:14 PM

The library is a public space where all are welcome. On that theme, hear excerpts from our 2018 Ask an Immigrant Anything panel, learn why we no longer charge late fees, hear from a few of our favorite pieces of literature, and find out about the rather strange cetacean news unfolding at Prescott Park... Welcome to The Parrott Unbound!

Episode 1: WELCOME 

In this episode…
  • Introduction by Cathy Okhuysen, Circulation 
  • Ask An Immigrant Anything (April 25, 2018): Meet the Panel, featuring Daniel Pontoh, Eva Castillo, Sebastian Fuentes, and Ro Mohammad Mustak Arif
  • The War of the Whale, Part I
  • Hype Train: Michaela and Laura discuss The Trees
  • Ask An Immigrant Anything: What's Your Favorite Food? 
  • Ask An Immigrant Anything: What Experience Would Make You Feel Welcome? 
  • The War of the Whale, Part II 
  • No More Late Fees! An interview with Assistant Director Christine Friese and Director Steve Butzel
  • Andrew reads from The Wizard of Oz 
  • Ask An Immigrant Anything: What Does Comprehensive Immigration Reform Look Like? 
  • The War of the Whale, Part III
  • Acknowledgements 
  • “Song of the Open Road” by Walt Whitman