EP#9 - Lorna Eden

Jun 10, 02:30 PM

Today's guest is Lorna Eden, a Tableau Ambassador and co-lead of Tableau Tip Tuesdays and Workout Wednesdays.

In this podcast we hear how Lorna built her amazing survey tool & dashboard using Tableau Public using parameter actions for her 2019 Iron Viz entry, plus much more on her process and thoughts on data viz
Video version ► http://bit.ly/2MBXFgn

Guest links:
#IronViz 2019 - #IronFarming Agriculture ► https://tabsoft.co/2XBHGQe
Tableau Public ► https://public.tableau.com/profile/lorna.eden#!/
Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Lorna_Eden
Website ► www.missdataviz.wordpress.com
Tableau Tip Tuesday ► http://www.vizwiz.com/p/tips.html
Workout Wednesday ► http://www.workout-wednesday.com/

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