Who are the first three horticulture Strategic SmartHort Centres?

Jun 12, 2019, 06:00 AM
Welcome to the next edition of the AHDB Horticulture podcast. In this next edition, we will be announcing the launch of three Strategic SmartHort Centres across the UK. These farmers and growers will be part of a fantastic opportunity to help growers face the challenges around labour shortages and rising input costs. 

We’ll be hearing from Grace Emeny, AHDBs Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager who will be providing us with an insight into what the Strategic SmartHort Centres all about. Neil Fedden from Fedden-USP will be leading the programme and will explain the methods behind LEAN and what growers should be expecting from the centre’s and finally, we will hear from one of the Strategic SmartHort Centres hosts who shares why they decided to become a Strategic SmartHort Centre. 

Our first Strategic SmartHort Centres will be used as a live platform to improve labour efficiency and practice the methods of LEAN. This practical way of learning will implement the theory of LEAN to drive business benefit. 

Find out who our three Strategic SmartHort Centres are and what the future holds for horticulture growers. For further information, please visit: ahdb.org.uk/smarthort