That's So Cincinnati: Scoops from Graeter's CEO, 'legacy of stubbornness,' Polly's faves, Hilton Head

Jun 12, 02:57 PM
Louis and Regina Graeter started making vanilla ice cream in a metal bucket on the streets of Cincinnati after the Civil War.

Today, four generations later, Graeter's is churning out 1.3 million gallons of ice cream a year; selling pints in 6,000 grocery stores nationwide and 55 scoops shops across nine states. 

If Graeter's isn't So Cincinnati, then what is? In a rare interview, Graeter's President and CEO Rich Graeter joined That's So Cincinnati to talk about:

  • His generation's contribution to the family business
  • The "legacy of stubbornness"
  • The company's surging growth the past three years
  • What state might be the next to get a Graeter's scoop shop
  • Grooming the next generation to take over 
You won't want to miss this insightful and informative interview about one of Greater Cincinnati's most popular and beloved brands.

Sticking with the food theme of this week's episode, Enquirer dining writer Polly Campbell joins TSC to talk about what's new on the food and beer scene this summer.

Hilton Head Island – aka the "southernmost point of Ohio" – is the topic of our That's So Cincinnati Moment of the Week.

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