"I think this is an important thing with carers, we struggle on" - Steph Nimmo for Carers Week

Episode 1,  Jun 16, 2019, 02:00 PM

Steph Nimmo shares her experiences of life as a carer in 21st century Britain.

Steph Nimmo joins Lucy to discuss life as a carer. Steph shares the ups and downs, the battles for support, the loss of identity and the loss of purpose following the death of her husband Andy, and then her very complex daughter Daisy.
"...now I struggle to rebuild that life and make some meaning out of it because when Daisy died and Andy died I lost my usefulness."

Steph is a published author and blogger, for more information about her books go to www.stephnimmo.com
Her blog can be found at www.wasthisintheplan.com

For more information about Lucy, go to www.lucy-watts.co.uk