Wednesday, June 19: Facebook Fights, Weird Things Kids Put In Their Ears, And Lots Of New Canaan Updates

Jun 19, 2019, 03:50 PM

Chaz and AJ were hoping to speak with someone close to the New Canaan case, but after asking a Facebook group, it turned into a fight (0:00), Phil Mickelson's poop story (13:14), Dr. Waldman talks about the things that kids put in their ears and noses (18:33), Attorney Matt Maddox explains the strategy behind Norm Pattis' request for evidence to be returned to Fotis Dulos (31:15), New Britain Police Chief Chute talks about AJ sitting through a polygraph exam (45:34), Pat O'Neil talks about breaking the infamous woodchipper murder, and the similarities between that case and the missing New Canaan mother case (56:45), and Dumb Ass News - Tribe member story about a pregnant wife, rubbing her feet, and the comment he made that had him going to Duchess every morning (1:13:05).