Wrestling Omakase #101 (Part 1): How to Travel to Japan w/ Taylor

Episode 101,  Jun 20, 2019, 06:50 AM

Fresh off our latest trip overseas it's an episode so big we had to split it in two. In Part 1, we talk all about how to travel to Japan to watch pro wrestling!

This week on Wrestling Omakase we talk all about how to travel to Japan to watch pro wrestling and more! An episode so packed we had to split it in two! Fresh off their latest Japan trips John is joined by longtime returning guest Taylor as they break down everything you need to know before going yourself: how to find cheap flights (and what times of year are best for it), navigating the train system and what you need ahead of time, different accomodation options including hotels, AirBNBs, hostels and more, food and drink and what you can expect to spend on both, things to see from parks and gardens to arcades and anime stores, and more! After this is over come back for Part 2 where we discuss the actual wrestling shows we went to on our most recent trip (that weren't already covered in episode 100) and then answer a gigantic mailbag full of your questions on traveling to Japan!