Live session with Bad Mother Folker & Jack Rabbit. 15th April 2019

Jun 21, 2019, 07:43 PM
Top double-header session with Steve "Bad Mother Folker" & Paul "Bee & Jack Rabbit" sharing the mics, the playlist and even the gig night ahead. Crazy number of topics covered including Amy Squirrel, "Back in the Woods" promotions, "Starfish & Coffee" in Kemp Town, Lewis McKale, Jack Evans, Nick Williams, Split eps, 80's movies, jingles, covers, The Brighton Tavern, Batman, gigs, capo sharing, Kimya Dawson & Chocolate Double Vodkas. 

Tracks played live were:

1) "Hotel" by Jack Rabbit

2) "It must suck to be Bruce Wayne" by Bad Mother Folker

3) Unnamed track from Jack Rabbit

4) "Imaginary Girlfriend" by Bad Mother Folker

5) Unnamed track from Jack Rabbit

6) "Straight outta Scotland" (a Shakespeare Gangsta Rap)by Bad Mother Folker

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