That's So Cincinnati: 'Bad Boy,' Frisch's deliciousness, that energy thing, I-75 golf cart

Jun 26, 2019, 04:01 PM
That's So Cincinnati continues on its summer tour of iconic local brands. Next stop: Frisch's Big Boy

Vice President Todd Napier joins the podcast to discuss: 
  • The new 'Bad Boy' burger
  • Where Frisch's is planning to expand 
  • The brilliant decision to bring back Coca Cola
  • And the restaurant's new deal with FC Cincinnati Statehouse reporter Jessie Balmert also joins TSC to simplify that complex energy thing you keep hearing about in radio and TV ads. She also gives us the lowdown on new fireworks legislation and why lawmakers are trying to move the 2020 Ohio primary yet again.

Plus, taking a golf cart onto the interstate, a flower (not food) truck and a tribute to a special Cincinnatian.