Episode 4,   Jun 27, 2019, 01:49 PM

Ignite your creativity with an episode all about making! Hear excerpts from a panel on the library's 2018 "Text and Textiles" exhibit, with paired poets and textile artists; learn about March's Project Upcycle event, created by the library's very own Jennifer Moore; hear the storied history of The Elvis Room in Portsmouth; and learn how to order your very own 3D prints from the library!

In this episode…
  • Introduction by Grace Hanley, Community Relations Page
  • Hype Train: Michaela and Christine discuss the All Souls trilogy
  • Text and Textiles Panel (July 30, 2018) with Todd Hearon, Maryellen Sakura, Ala Khaki, Debra Claffey, Kyle Potvin and Brenda Wilbert
  • Minute History with Poleena: The Elvis Room 
  • Project Upcycle: Grace interviews Jennifer Moore, Inter Library Loan and Recovergirl, and Laura, and attends the March 2019 event.
  • 3D Printing at Portsmouth Public Library!
  • Acknowledgements