Bonus Episode: 'The Cambodian Genocide?' With Professor David Chandler

Jun 30, 2019, 08:27 AM
Professor David Chandler is perhaps the most widely recognised and respected scholar of Cambodian history. Author of books such as A History of Cambodia, Brother Number One, Voices from S-21 and The Tragedy of Cambodian History, David has also testified as an expert witness on two occasions during the trial of former leaders of the Khmer Rouge. 

I had the privilege to sit down with Professor Chandler in his home in Melbourne to discuss ideas about the current state of Khmer Rouge historiography, his thoughts on the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, whether the crimes of the CPK can be considered 'genocide', and his experience visiting the country so soon after it 're-opened' in 1981. 

David was until recently a Professor Emeritus at Monash University, where I first met him in 2011.