Tech Tools To Enhance Your Destination Marketing with Josh Collins

Episode 9,   Jul 02, 2019, 05:59 PM

Josh Collins from Streetsense joins the Destination Marketing Podcast to talk about technology tools to enhance destination marketing. Topics include under-utilized tools, cost-effective technologies for lower-budget destinations, and the importance of email marketing. 

"(Permission) is such a key way of thinking about email: Here's this real person that gave me permission, so I need to treat that with the respect and the trust that deserves. What you see is that cost per acquisition versus the lifetime value of that person- there's just no comparison to any other channel on the planet. The return from email is easily 150 to 1 greater than what you see on social, or display, or programmatic, or whatever other channel you want to talk about"- Josh Collins on email marketing.   

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