Episode 5,   Jul 05, 2019, 02:02 PM

Looking to the past gives us insight and wisdom to make better decisions about the future. The library is committed to conserving and sharing the history of our community for just this reason. In this episode, learn from local folks working to illuminate the lives of enslaved people in New England, hear about the liberty eagle that hangs in our lobby and what it represents, discover a local project bringing people together across boundaries, and let us hype our very favorite comic series, which deals with nothing so much as memory, history, and discovering your roots.

In this episode…
  • Introduction by Christine Friese, Assistant Director
  • Steve interviews JerriAnne Boggis of the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire
  • Grace interviews Kabria Baumgartner of the University of New Hampshire
  • Minute History with Poleena: The Liberty Eagle
  • Culture Keepers | Culture Makers Reception (September 9, 2018) with Kristen Butterfield, Sylvia Foster, Richard Haynes, Ken Mendis, and Joy Meiser-Mendis
  • Hype Train: Michaela and MaryJo discuss Saga 
  • Steve interviews former library assistant Titus Dawson
  • Acknowledgements