Wednesday, July 10: Norm Pattis, Gayle King Surprises Ashley, And AJ's Terrible Park Job

Jul 10, 2019, 03:32 PM

Pat from CT Park Shame posted a photo of a VERY familiar car...turns out AJ had a whole explanation for his terrible parking (0:00), Attorney Norm Pattis on the phone to talk about another case he's involved with that includes a Russian billionaire and mob connections. But he does answer a few questions about Fotis Dulos and the missing New Canaan mother (15:27), Dr. Tammy in studio with comedian Brooke Louellen, who wants to find a husband. Steve in Bridgeport called in to pitch himself, and did a pretty good job! (26:55), and it was supposed to be Dumb Ass News, but a surprise call from Gayle King interrupted regularly scheduled programming, so she could welcome Ashley to the show (40:46).