Ep. 32 It's Disney's World After All

Season 2, Episode 15,   Jul 11, 2019, 07:00 AM

Disney swamps movie news surprise surprise. Mulan, Little Mermaid, Solo 2, Spiderman (it's complicated), EVEN #AaronHasntSeen is the Disney "classic," "Blank Check."

Ben eats some Tacos alone.

Look Sotskers, we're gonna level with you, we got distracted and missed our topic of choice again. BUT IT'S NOT OUR FAULT! Blame Disney! They own everything, and pretty much all the most interesting movie news belongs to them right now anyway so we breakdown the first trailer for live action Mulan, talk about the outrage(?) over the casting for live action "Little Mermaid," Solo 2 has been greenlit for some reason, EVEN #AaronHasntSeen is Disney's "classic," "Blank Check."

Also, Ben eats Tacos alone.