Why The Marines Realized That Listening, Not Shouting, Is The Key to Great Leadership with Retired Sergeant Major Max Garcia

Jul 11, 12:10 AM
Retired Sergeant Major Max Garcia of the Marine Corps, sits down with host Alex Vorobieff to discuss what he learned about leadership in the US Marines and how he’s applying it  with civilian clients overcome obstacles. He covers topics such as limiting self-beliefs, why there’s no such thing as “try” and why listening is the most important skill of leadership.   Max’s website - https://www.lifecoach8.net/   Max’s Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/life_coach_8/     Topics Discussed:   Intro – 0:01   Max’s experiences within the Marine Corps and it’s culture – 1:15   How has the Marines’ culture developed – 3:45   How effective is mentorship in the Marines? – 5:45   The story of one Marine saved by effective mentorship – 8:40   Why leaders within the Marines are focusing much more of soft skills – 10:30   Why it’s crucial to write your goals down on paper – 14:20   Why are we predisposed to be negative? – 19:10   What kind of work does Max now do with civilian clients? – 20:35   Max’s story of intervention with a Marine that was struggling with alcoholism – 23:45   Why listening is the key to good leadership – 27:00   How our parents hugely influence our subconscious programming – 29:20   Why how we talk about ourselves defines our actions – 32:15   Max’s contact details – 34:50