Episode 6,   Jul 11, 2019, 01:38 PM

Geeks ahoy! This episode is for you. See the library through the eyes of two mysterious aliens, Ong & Flo. Hear interviews with cartoonist, writer and performer Kali Moulton, author Jeff Deck, our recently retired Youth Services supervisor Susan Laun, library page and former library overnight guest Fran Dintino, and retired Foreign Service Officer John Eddy! This episode also features excerpts from a talk on the Isles of Shoals. To all our fellow geeks: thank you for joining us for Season 1 of The Parrott Unbound!

In this episode…
  • Introduction by Tori Simpson-Tucker, Circulation
  • Heather interviews author Jeff Deck
  • Aliens in the Library featuring extraterrestrials Ong & Flo
  • Laura interviews cartoonist, writer, performer and magician Kali Moulton
  • Local History: the Isles of Shoals with Melissa Saggerer
  • Aliens in the Library, II
  • Steve interviews John Eddy, retired United States Foreign Service Officer
  • Isles of Shoals, II 
  • Aliens in the Library, III
  • Laura interviews Fran Dintino, library page and former overnight guest! 
  • Aliens in the Library, IV
  • Isles of Shoals, III 
  • Steve interviews Susan Laun, former Head of Youth Services
  • Aliens in the Library, V
  • Acknowledgements