Conspiracies -Area 51, Bob Lazar and Hidden Documents Leaked!

Episode 82,   Jul 15, 2019, 11:14 AM

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This week with the public getting behind a supposed 'storming of Area 51' and Bob Lazar's Netflix documentary generating some heat, we decided it was the perfect time to dig a little deeper into the mystery surrounding the secretive government base in Nevada.

What exactly is Area 51? Who is Bob Lazar and why is he convinced there are UFOs being reverse engineered in the compound? What do these secretive meeting notes leaked to the public through imgur have to do with it all? Are we really alone?

We touch on it all along with the weekly news, On This Day and getting personal with the podcast to round up episode 82.

00:01 - Intro
03:10 - On This Day
05:55 - Weekly News
29:20 - Storming Area 51
31:55 - Area 51 and Bob Lazar
51:51 - Controversies Surrounding Lazar
01:13:51 - The Aurora Aircraft Project
01:25:00 - Secretive Meeting Notes Leak
01:50:20 - Closing Thoughts
01:50:45 - Personal with the Podcast + Closing Thoughts