Lioness Interview

Jul 16, 2019, 02:09 PM
Lioness is BACK and it's looking like she's here to stay! 
This week's interview is with one of the dopest MC's the UK has seen, who has just returned after a 6 year hiatus from music!
We talk about how neccesary her time away from the industry was, taking the risk of quitting her 9-5 to come back to music, her first studio session and her early inspirations.
Lioness talks to me about the changes in the scene during her time off & how social media can dictate the game now instead of talent.
We talk about her recent project with Will I Am, Ms Banks & Lady Leshurr as well as who she'd most like to collaborate with!
Lioness also tells me she has a project dropping in October, which will explain the reasons she took time away from music & allow her fans to understand the hardships and personal battles she went through in that time. 


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