Episode 7 (series 2): Joe Dunthorne & Will Harris

Season 2, Episode 1,  Jul 18, 2019, 02:16 AM

Woo hoo we’re back! In the first episode of the new series, Rachael and Jack discuss typewriters, ‘poety’ backpacks, ruffles and codpieces (and much more) with their studio guests Joe Dunthrone and Will Harris and feature audio postcards from Simon Armitage, Heather Christle and Isabel Galleymore. 

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The Faber Poetry Podcast is produced by Rachael Allen, Jack Underwood and Hannah Marshall for Faber & Faber. Editing by Billy Godfrey at Strathmore Publishing. Special thanks to Simon Armitage, Heather Christle, Joe Dunthorne, Isabel Galleymore and Will Harris.