Do You Believe In Ghosts? | Scary Ghost Stories

Aug 15, 2019, 09:00 AM

What does it take to prove that a haunting is real to one skeptic?

Do you believe in ghosts? This is a question that can either spark an amazing conversation with a stranger or make them run in fear.

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The very belief in ghosts is something that is very personal to many. It may be a subject that is talked about with excitement and intrigue, it may also be a topic that is to be avoided like religion and politics because of strong or rigid belief systems.

One doesn't always have to have had a paranormal encounter to believe in ghosts. It may just be an accepted fact of life that was instilled in childhood and enforced as life progressed. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this show is sure to make you at the very least question the concept of the living being the only ones inhabiting our plane of existence.

What does it take to prove that a haunting is real to one skeptic?

Are grandmothers visions more than just dementia?

A murdered teen haunts the home she died in, seeking help from the living.

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