Ben Kheng: The Sam Willows, The BenZi Project, and the Singapore Sports School

Episode 10,  Jul 21, 2019, 02:00 AM

Ben Kheng is one of the most all-rounded talents in the creative industry in Singapore. Most of us would likely recognise Ben as one-fourth of The Sam Willows, which is one of the most critically- and commercially-acclaimed English pop music acts in Singapore. But depending on your favourite media platform, you might also know him as a radio DJ, actor, comedian, or... national swimmer.

If you spend time in Ben's company, you'll also realise that he's one of the sharpest minds in the media industry. In this episode, you'll get a flavor of the business acumen that has gotten him to the top of the game. Ben has allied that acumen with a special determination that was likely honed from his years as a swimmer in the Singapore Sports School; listen out for how he made his way from the pool to the stage. From his schooling days to his current work on The BenZi Project, Ben takes us behind the scenes of what it takes to be one of the foremost creatives in Singapore - buckle up for quite the journey.

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