Ep. 33 Cats Watch

Season 2, Episode 16,   Jul 25, 2019, 07:00 AM

Ben reviews "The Lion King." The Sots talk "Picard," and MCU news. We all lament the "CATS" trailer and #AaronHasntSeen "Zoobilee Zoo!"

This feline heavy episode of Sots Watch is brought to you by . . . mistakes. Terrible, awful Hollywood mistakes. Ben saw Lion King and will regale us with his takeaways. The unkillable Broadway sensation "CATS," is soon to be the unkillable focus of your nightmares, in the CGI silver screen recreation no one was asking for. Marvel made big BIG announcements at San Diego Comic Con, including it's phase four lineup, AND some very exciting casting announcements. The Sots go over the new "Picard," trailer, and in #AaronHasntSeen we subject Aaron to the intro to the two season SENSATION "Zoobilee Zoo." Are Magic AND Wonder waiting for him? You have to listen to know!