Pigs in the arable rotation

Aug 02, 06:00 AM
Do you use pigs in your arable rotation? Or perhaps your pigs form part of someone else’s rotation? In this episode, we hear how producers and landlords can work together to benefit not only each other, but the environment as well.

Useful links and information

Livestock and the arable rotation
Targeted at managers of arable-based systems who are thinking about livestock opportunities for the first time, this guide includes sections on leys, cover crops, forage crops, maize, outdoor pig production and manures.

Cover crops
A cover crop is a non-cash crop grown primarily for the purpose of ‘protecting or improving’ between periods of regular crop production. Take a look at our resources and farmer case studies.

Presentations from the meeting: https://ahdb.org.uk/events/pigs-in-the-rotation-swaffham-norfolk

Farming rules for water podcast
In this episode, Zanita Markham talks to the Environment Agency about farming rules for water and the measures you can take to manage manure, fertiliser and soil to prevent runoff, erosion and leaching, building on the good practice already in operation.

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