Eligibility criteria set for admission into organized forces

Episode 971,  Jul 26, 2019, 07:02 AM

The Joint Transitional Security Committee (JTSC), has set eligibility criteria for individuals interested in serving in the unified forces. 

The requirements cover age limits, educational background and the health status for all organized forces. 

Army generals must be educated, in good health and not above the age of 65, while junior officers have an age limit of 45 and 55 years old. 

Police and national security u must possess a grade eight certificate and/or a degree or diploma. 

Wildlife and other forces will follow police criteria. 

In a related development, the Head of the JTSC Secretariat, Olaw Adiang says training of the organized forces in preparation for the creation of unified army and security mechanisms is expected to start next month.  

Dr. Adiang says the training of the 83,000 targeted forces will be conducted at 19 verified sites across the country.  

He spoke to Sani Martin in this interview.