BBC NI to take part in Belfast Pride for the first time – is that a progressive move? Or does it question the BBC’s impartially on same sex marriage? Jim Allister and Seamus de Faoite react

Jul 26, 2019, 11:27 AM
BBC Northern Ireland - for the first time - will take part in Belfast Pride this year. 

The Nolan Show can also reveal this morning that BBC Northern Ireland has offered BBC staff the opportunity to discuss individual programmes being branded in Belfast Pride. BBC NI management has sent a note asking staff to have a discussion with them if they want their shows to be represented.  The note says  "If you're part of a team that makes BBC programmes, you may like to promote your show/brand in the parade. "

The Belfast Pride parade describes itself as a celebration of LGBT people and many people will feel this is a positive, progressive step for BBCNI to make. There will be some who will feel it should have happened long before now. 

But, Belfast Pride also officially describes itself as a " big weekend of protest "

So what assurances can BBCNI give to the DUP - who oppose that - that the BBC is impartial in this live political discussion if it is telling staff programme brands may be at the parade protesting for these changes?